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One of the things that light us up here at Keshot is that while we offer set packages for our clients, our main company feature is that we can customize our experiential photo booth marketing platform to fit any of our client’s ideas- our technology is malleable to support our client’s imagination. The idea does not need to fit into an existing model that we’ve created; together we can generate something new to achieve your marketing goals.

If our customers have an idea for an event, campaign, or sweepstakes- our tech team can develop the desired look and feel to ensure optimal branding and consumer engagement. Our goal is to ensure an enjoyable user experience with your brand before, during, and after the activation.

One of our favorite examples is our partnership with Sega. We had already partnered with Sega for some of their experiential marketing events, and we contributed to the win of Best Booth at the E3 expo.

Sega came to us with an idea and asked us how we could support them. They were creating a life-sized Power-loader, a human operated robot device from the movie, Alien, where Sigourney Weaver moved things greater than her size, for fans to play with while showcasing Sega gaming technologies. When they shared their idea with us, they were looking for a way to capture pictures of fans in action in the Power-loader that could be uploaded to a remote kiosk for the fans to pick up and share online. Of course, we would do this! We worked closely with them from start to finish to create the optimal technology and to ensure the success of their campaign.

Another example of customization was with our client IT Superheroes- they were going to showcase their company at a trade show and wanted a way to create a lasting memory of their brand. We listened to their branding desires and developed a platform where users could take a photo of themselves, and their face would replace the face of the original superhero. It was a huge success and a fun project to develop.

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