Why your company needs a photo booth

Why Companies Should Rent Custom Photo Booths

So you’re hosting an event for your employees and you’re considering renting a photo booth, but you don?t know if it?s worth it. Why should your company invest in photo booth rentals for events? Below are Keshot’s top four reasons for having custom photo booths at your next work party:

  1. Representation
  2. Let Loose
  3. Marketing
  4. Camaraderie


Show your company some love by displaying your brand for everyone to see! More often than not, corporate get-togethers involve bringing non-employees along for the event. Custom photo booths that showcase your company logo will directly communicate that you’re a team of people that are proud to work for your company. Bonus: photo booth rentals for events feel more like a luxury and your guests will definitely appreciate it!

Let Loose

Work can be stressful and mundane for a lot of people; allow for an easier transition from work to play by switching it up! Who doesn’t love taking pictures that you can print, post, and share? With so many extra features like props and green screen backgrounds, you’ll encourage creativity in an amusing and creative way!


Aside from helping to create a remarkable work event, you?ll be able to market your company’s brand to other vendors working at your party that may need your services one day. With custom skin wrapped around your photo booth kiosk, they’ll know exactly who you are and what your company does. You’ll also be able to harness the power of social media by directly sharing photos that will include your logo to Facebook and Twitter. Whether your employees have physical prints or go the digital route, your company’s brand will be recognized and spread to friends and family!


Sometimes parties need a little time to get into a groove, so speed things along with an interactive photo booth! Your guests will flock to a feature that allows them to break the ice sooner rather than later. You’ll build co-worker bonds by making memories with tangible keepsakes that you?ll find tacked up at employee desks when you?re back at the office!

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