Why should I use branded photo kiosk

Photo Booth Marketing

A portable photo booth for rent is a great way to make your party more fun and memorable, but what if you want to take it to the next level? You can use a branded photo kiosk for your event! This photo booth marketing strategy is an exposure explosion that your guests will love. Not sure why it?s such a great idea? Keep reading Keshot’s reasons why you should use a branded photo kiosk for photo booth marketing:

1. Put Your Logo on Blast

Whether it?s your personal or company brand, your logo is something that people see and then connect to your business. Make it stand out at your next event with a branded photo booth. There are several ways you can incorporate your logo to make it effective such as photoshoot backdrops, physical photo prints, and digital photos that can be shared online with family and friends. The more photos are taken at your event, the more exposure for your brand!

2. Beautify Your Kiosk

Market yourself by standing out from the crowd. With custom photo booths, you have the ability to wrap your photo booth kiosk with your company?s own graphics. Bystanders are sure to notice and admire your business from afar. Guests, other vendors, and others will be able to recognize what you’re all about.

3. Sharing is Caring

When it comes to photos, people are using their devices more than ever to share their photos online with family and friends. With the touch of a button, your photo could instantly have hundreds of new eye on it. Suppose you have guests using your branded photo booth; their selfies include your branding all over them. They decide to share their photo directly to Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter. It won?t be long before third parties see your logo and inquire about what your business has to offer!

So if you want to spice up your party and your business, try renting a branded photo booth kiosk!

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