Capture moments together while apart. Create a sense of community. Connect your team, customers or guests with an innovative & engaging custom photo mosaic, the perfect addition to any virtual event.


  • 100% Customizable with Turnkey Service
  • Dedicated Landing Page with 100 to 40K+ Photos
  • Easily Embedded on External Website
  • Mobile, PC, & Hashtag Submissions via Social Media
  • Virtual Photo Booth Submission with Filters & Animated GIF
  • Social Sharing, Photo Contests & Sweepstakes
  • Fundraising, Donation & Payment Platform Integration
  • Sponsorship Visibility, Opportunities & Benefits
  • Guest Data, Analytics & Real Time Metrics

Standard Package

  • Sizes: 195, 405, 768 & 1200 PhotosOur standard package mosaic sizes have 195, 405, 768, and 1200 tiles.
  • Photo Upload via URLYour contributors will be provided with a custom URL. This links to a form where they can upload their photo and fill out their personal information.
  • Mosaic Welcome MessageGuests will be greeted with a welcome message that invites them to contribute to the mosaic. We can design your mosaic welcome message with your logo and branding assets or any design and content of your choice.
  • Picture ModerationOur easy moderation flow allows you to review and approve each picture that ends up in your mosaic. You will be granted with access to a moderation panel where you can control all of your mosaic’s contributions.
  • Share Mosaic Photo on Social MediaYour mosaic can be shared across Facebook, Twitter, or via a custom URL. When anyone who sees the mosaic shared on social media clicks on the picture, it shows an animation that reveals the photo’s location within the mosaic.
  • Mosaic Photo Search ButtonVisitors have the option of searching by a contributor’s first name, last name, or email address. Looking up a specific individual will then direct them to their photo in the mosaic.
  • User Data CollectionWe gather your Contributor User Data . You are granted direct access to this information from Day One. This information can be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet.

Custom Package

All Standard Package Features Included

  • Custom Mosaic SizesWe can match the number of tiles on your mosaic to fit your amount of expected contributors. If the mosaic is left incomplete at the end of your contribution period, we will duplicate tiles in order to complete your mosaic.
  • Photo Upload via HashtagYour contributors will be able to upload their photos via Twitter or Instagram by using your chosen hashtags. All Instagram and Twitter accounts wishing to add photos by using a hashtag must be set as public rather than private
  • Photo Upload Form With Custom FieldsThis is the form where your guests or contributors can upload their photo. It normally contains first name, last name, email address, and a space for them to answer a preselected question. You can personalize your photo upload form to include fields such as phone number, drop down menus,
  • Custom Messaging to ContributorsYour contributors will receive a confirmation email once their photo has been approved and added with a link directing them to their picture in the mosaic.
  • Contributor Email ValidationOnce you submit your photo to the mosaic you will receive an email saying that you will need to confirm and verify your email address in order for your photo to be added.
  • Custom Overlay Applied with Photo UploadThe system can automatically apply an overlay with your branding to the photo contributions as they are being uploaded.
  • Mosaic Custom SearchThe system can automatically apply an overlay with your branding to the photo contributions as they are being uploaded.
  • Email FencingEmail Fencing limits contributors to individuals coming from a specific email domain. You will alternately be given the option to send us a list of email addresses outlining who your contributors are; these will be the only people who will be granted with permission to upload photos to the mosaic.
  • Embed Mosaic on External WebsiteYou will be given a unique iFrame code allowing you to embed the mosaic on an external website.
  • High Resolution Mosaic PictureAfter the completion of your mosaic, we will provide you with a high resolution, full size version of the mosaic JPEG for you to keep or print.
  • White LabelAll of this technology is designed with white label capabilities allowing you to completely rebrand the mosaic as your own.
  • Dynamic AnimationDisplays all of the photos in your mosaic and includes your contributors’ information at the bottom of each of the photos. Clicking on a photo will take you to its location within the mosaic.


  • Custom Email on Mosaic CompletionYour contributors will receive a personalized email once the mosaic has been completed. This will include a personalized video that displays their photo merging inside the mosaic. These videos are optimized to share on Instagram or any other social media site.
  • Custom Rich Media Mosaic RevealWe have the capability to present your mosaic as a virtual experience. This can include videos, animations, slideshows, and showcases your contributors. Working directly with you, we design a script that powerfully brings your narrative to life. You can further personalize this experience by adding music, a voiceover, or any other type of sound.
  • Custom Animation Videos & EffectsWe can create a virtual experience where we use the mosaic and its tiles to express real-life events. Using the mosaic as your medium, these animations bring your story to life in the virtual space.
  • Custom Landing PageWe can add additional functionality and personalize your landing page to include your company’s information, tailored messaging, social media share buttons or any other links, most recent photo uploads, and more.
  • Mosaic HTML to Keep ForeverYou will be sent your unique HTML code containing all of the mosaic’s pictures and contributions that is yours to permanently keep.
  • Virtual Photo Booth with Filters & Animated GIFWe can create different photo filters or effects that can be applied in order to enhance the look of your mosaic’s pictures. This includes Instagram like filters or effects or custom designed ones.
  • Physical Mosaic PrintoutsWe are fully equipped to print and deliver a physical version of your final Mosaic Masterpiece.
  • AI Green Screen Background RemovalOur AI green screen capabilities allow your guests to remove the background in their photo upload and select a custom one.


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