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Keshot and Coca-Cola Create a Sing-Along Event

The Coca-Cola Company partnered with Keshot for its “Lola Drinks Coca-Cola” campaign in Spain, which featured customized Keshot photo booths that invited users to choose a version of The Kinks’ popular song “Lola” and sing along, karaoke-style, to the lyrics “Lola, she drinks Coca-Cola.”

Keshot worked with Coca-Cola to develop:

Karaoke functionality that allowed users to choose between several different versions of The Kinks’ song

Proprietary technology that enabled Bluetooth functionality for immediate downloading of videos to users’ cell phones

Customized photo booth that were branded with Coca-Cola’s logo and integrated directly into the promotional installations

A customized graphic user interface designed to generate traffic and encourage user participation

A fun and engaging marketing campaign that generated brand awareness – for a minimal initial investment

Word-of-mouth exposure as Keshot users forwarded their videos to friends and family, creating a user-generated database of e-mails that can be utilized in future marketing campaigns

The campaign proved so popular that Coca-Cola extended its run beyond the summer and has vowed to incorporate Keshot photo booths in its future marketing plans.

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