Amplify Your Event Reach
With a Photo Booth Marketing Campaign

Gain maximum exposure for your brand when you connect your offline event to your online presence. Keshot can provide your business with an event marketing campaign that can help you to exponentially increase your event reach, and build loyalty and trust with customers.

Make Your Event Magical with Cutting-Edge Technology

Transform your marketing ideas into reality with custom-designed turnkey technology solutions. With over a decade of experience providing our clients with state-of-the-art event technology developed by our in-house engineering team, we can tailor our software to specifically meet your event’s needs and flawlessly incorporate your existing technology.

Seamlessly Integrate Custom-Designed Photo Booth Branding

Our photo kiosks and tablets include your logo and messaging, allowing for easy integration with any brand or event theme. Our team can customize your booth or tablet with a branded photo booth, on the skin and user interface, or if you prefer to handle the design process in-house, we can partner with your team to assist with implementing a perfect solution for your brand.

Unleash Viral Exposure with Social Media Integration

A branded photo booth marketing campaign can help you to spread the word, not only about your brand and online presence, but also your latest products and services. Website links, social media share buttons, and commercials can all be included on your photo booth’s landing page postcard. Guests can also be asked to “Like” your Facebook page to retrieve their images and to tag themselves and their friends. A photo booth with social media integration is a fraction of the cost of a major social marketing campaign!

Integrating user-generated and social content with a photo booth marketing campaign can give people the opportunity to share their positive experiences with your brand online, which is now an essential part of influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Create Instant and Memorable Keepsakes for People to Cherish

Give your guests a fun takeaway to show their family and friends with event-themed and branded instant photo printouts. Our team supplies onsite printers, professional-grade paper, and inks as part of your photo booth branding package.

Enjoy Complete Tech Support and Experienced Brand Ambassadors

Our team handles every part of the installation, design, set up, teardown, and transport of our lightweight and portable kiosks at your event. Technical support is always available throughout your event and our experienced brand ambassadors ensure your guests receive the optimal image-sharing experience.

Achieve Outstanding Results You Can Measure

Get fun and authentic brand engagement that achieves campaign goals. Using only one photo booth with social media integration, we gained 1,500 “Likes” for one of our clients during a one-day event by using our popular Facebook Event Album feature that uploads all your event photos to your Facebook fan page with prominent “Like” and “Share” buttons. A Keshot photo booth can capture more than 180 photo booth sessions on average, including up to five people per session, and generate an average of 360 email addresses.
Get people talking about your brand and maximize your offline and online event reach with the industry’s leading photo booth.

Build Trust and Obtain Valuable User-Generated Content

By capturing their image wrapped in your photo booth branding, guests create user-generated content that becomes a part of your online presence. This kind of personalized content is a great way to create a community of brand advocates.

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