Why should I hire a photo booth service

Why Hire a Portable Photo Booth Business

When it comes to hiring a photo booth service, you may be asking yourself ?Can?t I just take pictures with my smartphone?? In a word, yes. But what you’re missing is the branded experience you’re providing your event’s attendees.

Below are Keshot’s top reasons as to why you should hire a portable photo booth service:

  1. It’s an Experience
  2. Professionalism
  3. Brand Exposure
  4. Valuable Data Collection

It’s an Experience:

Giving people the chance to interact with you in a group setting that offers a fun and free way to capture memories with their friends is priceless. Your guests will love the variety of features a portable photo booth service like Keshot has to offer; from automated GIFs to fun backgrounds to choose, your guests will be happily entertained and impressed by our industry expertise.


A selfie booth for rent at your next launch party, trade show, or corporate function will display a unique sense of professionalism. With industry knowledge and years of experience, set up and tear down will be a breeze. As the host of a social occasion, you can sit back and enjoy, or tend to other areas of the party that need your attention? because you can rest assured the photo booth situation is completely handled!

Brand Exposure:

Amp up your company’s marketing game with all of the advertising benefits that surround a photo booth rental. A portable photo booth service will help you achieve the customization you’re looking for. These photos will be shared over and over again through social media, email, and printouts, all wrapped up in your logo and messaging.

Valuable Data Collection:

You also gain access to valuable consumer data for lead generation and future marketing campaigns. Integrate our photo booth marketing software with your existing technology to further customize your event experience.

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From product launches to trade shows, corporate events to guerilla marketing, our social photo booth rentals will maximize your reach. We serve every U.S. state as well as Europe and South America, and we have the capability to deploy our technology solutions worldwide. Contact us on our website, or give us a call at 702-900-8197 to make your next event truly memorable.